The State of DevOps in Singapore – More than Just a Buzzword

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DevOps as a role has become a hot topic in recent years and is somewhat of a buzzword.

Organisations have embraced the DevOps philosophy and DevOps is continuing to prove its value as the model combines software development, project management and IT operations to deliver products/solutions faster than ever. 

Barriers between departments have been broken and better quality applications are now coming to fruition more efficiently as employees work together.

At Menrva Group, we understand that DevOps is more than just a job title and it is certainly not a developer or engineering role. DevOps is a culture and a philosophy and the best organisations understand that it fits into a wider objective.

Within a DevOps cycle, all stakeholders and contributors play a vital role and rely on each other. However, a strong DevOps culture requires leadership to guide the process as well as employees that fit into the DevOps cycle, with an understanding of how they fit into this continuous development process. 

So, what makes a truly good DevOps professional? And, why recognising that the term “DevOps” is a buzzword, is important.

It’s no secret that DevOps roles pay good salaries, and in fact, are some of the best paying roles. Companies are willing to pay well for DevOps professionals as they are a unique talent. 

And, as the DevOps system has proven so successful and looks like a model that will continue long into the future, employers are willing to pay to access anyone with DevOps experience. 

And this is where it has become a buzzword, as candidates rush to get the “keyword” on their resume.

Truly good DevOps professionals and DevOps leaders, sit between code developers and electrical engineers and work across these teams to bridge the gap and reduce friction between departments and push through projects more efficiently.

Within DevOps teams, there are specialised operational and technical professionals. As a foundation, DevOps professionals need experience in engineering, coding and computer security. Beyond that, they also need to collaborate across teams and team members, problem solve and have strong analytical abilities.

However, as the DevOps model is new, there can be challenges in incorporating talent who may not be used to such a fast-paced and collaborative workflow into such teams. This is where truly good DevOps talent shine as they can keep the cycle going as a smooth operation.

So where does Singapore sit in the world of DevOps?

Despite global economic worries related to the COVID-19 pandemic, international companies and investors have shown confidence in Singapore’s ambitions to become a regional (and global) tech hub. In recent months we have seen companies such as China’s Tencent, Bytedance, U.S.-based Zoom Video Communications, Grab and Sea commit to expansion in Singapore in 2021.

Recently (February 2021), we have seen Dell commit to an investment of US$50 million and the creation of more than 160 job opportunities in Singapore through its new Global Innovation Hub. 

And, as the 80 or more of the top global 100 tech companies compete here in Singapore, having the best DevOps talent to outperform and outpace the competition is key.

Singapore is well-positioned regionally to take advantage of satellite teams and overseas engineers with DevOps leaders sitting at the centre of the team in regional headquarters based in Singapore.

Singapore has access to a highly-skilled workforce to supply the tech industry and DevOps roles, but not without challenges. To have the best DevOps talent in Singapore, and as these DevOps jobs are created in Singapore, talent will need to be attracted from overseas.

Companies who wish to hire DevOps professionals for their Singapore offices will need to consider work permit availability, the higher demand and the higher compensation which they may need to attract the best DevOps talent to their organisation.

How is Menrva Search approaching the increased demand for DevOps Talent?

In spite of the Pandemic, our Partners continue to thrive with a focus on growth and expansion in Asia. Menrva Search is exclusively supporting these businesses to help them identify 30-40 DevOps professionals, from entry-level to Principal Engineer, and will be recruiting the best talent throughout 2021. If you are a DevOps superstar and looking for a new opportunity we would love to hear from you.

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