5 Tech Talent Trends in Singapore for 2021 and 2022

high angle view of professional young multiethnic businesspeople working in open space office

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CTOs, CIOs and tech leaders will continue to be more influential

CIOs have seen their credibility skyrocket to become some of the most influential employees within organisations.

In the last year, tech leaders took on the challenges of the times and adapted to an accelerated pace of digital transformation whilst maintaining the workflow of employees.

They have been given larger budgets and responsibility when it comes to spending and making key business decisions.

And, as expected by many, this acceleration in the adoption of digital programmes and technologies is not going to slow down any time soon.

Security, automation, advanced analytics and blockchain will all be waiting to be taken advantage of by IT leaders over the coming months and years. And, there is little doubt that such technologies are going to be influential in the success of many organisations.

In fact, CIOs that want to maintain their influence, and businesses that are competing to stay one step ahead of the competition, will need to incorporate even more emerging technologies into their business plans.

Recruitment in Cybersecurity and Data Security will be a priority.

Adoption of digital systems and digital transformation has led to increased exposure to cyber attacks and data leaks. The second half of 2020 saw a rise in the number of significant data breaches in Singapore compared to the first half of the year. Singapore has become a target because of the large number of multinational companies and the data they possess. 

And, As more companies make Singapore their regional home, we can expect recruitment of cybersecurity and data protection professionals to rise as organisations look to bolster their security, protect their data and avoid damaging their reputation with their customers.

As organisations embrace the cloud and remote working is likely to continue, there are an increased number of entry points for those with malicious intent and comprehensive data health checks and robust cybersecurity checks will be high on the priority list of CTOs and tech leaders.

If you are reading this and concerned about the current state of your data security, click here to connect with a Menrva Consulting consultant and discover how we are supporting our clients with a complete Data Health Check during this period of increased risk.

Diversity will be ingrained in the hiring process.

Diversity is no longer an afterthought as the value of a diverse workforce that reflects a diverse customer and user base is highly prized as an asset. 

In recent years there has been more emphasis placed on the recruitment of diverse hires, however, the shift is now happening from recruiters narrowly being tasked to find a diverse hire to diversity being entrenched into the hiring process and company culture.

Organisations are understanding that a diverse workforce is a key to delivering a seamless client experience in a digital era. This client/customer focussed approach actually highlights the fact that tech companies and the people who build them should reflect societal demographics, mirroring the diversity of their customer/user base and in turn provide tech experiences that are suited across all people using them.

The tech industry and tech roles, in general, have a significant gender imbalance with Singapore and the APAC region as a whole lagging behind North America and Europe…but the change is happening and the industry and the products produced will benefit from it. 

Responsibilities of UI & UX Designer will continue to evolve

UI and UX roles evolve almost daily as experts continuously improve the user experience by connecting the skills of software developers and designers. But now we are at a point where the field is maturing with even more specialisations under the umbrella of UI and UX.

As organisations compete to attain and maintain attention within their digital ecosystem UI and UX, we will likely see teams expand and leaders hire specialised functions to fulfil specific requirements. We may see titles such as UX A.I Analysts, UI Writers or UX Data Researchers created to support existing roles and guide the innovation of UI and UX products and processes.

Although job growth for software engineers far exceeds UI and UX job growth, (by 10 times in 2019), and there is a large supply of UI and UX designers in Singapore, MNCs and start-ups can still be expected to invest heavily in recruiting larger teams and more experienced leaders in order to create the most refined and best converting digital experiences.

AI & Machine Learning Analysts, Engineers, Project Managers and Team Leaders are limited in supply and in high demand

Tech firms are increasingly integrating A.I and machine learning into their business divisions and products and the next wave of innovations will be built with these technologies. However, there are few engineers and computer scientists who understand the technology.

And it is not just tech companies. For example, as banks and fintech startups compete, more intuitive products powered by A.I are going to be crucial in gaining a lucrative market share, especially in economies across Asia.

Candidates with knowledge of Python and machine learning concepts will be in high demand and will have the choice of companies. A.I and machine learning have the potential to make world changing impacts and change the way we live. And, such professionals will want to know that they are developing A.I systems for companies that are committed to pushing the boundaries of the technology…as well as commanding a high salary…which companies are willing to invest in in order to move fast in this space.

If you are Singapore or Asia based and you are expanding your hiring of tech talent in the coming months, connect with either Simon Ranahan (+65 8318 4164; simon.ranahan@menrvaconsulting.com); or Jon Neale (+65 9776 5552; jon.neale@menrvaconsulting.com) and visit the Menrva LinkedIn page for regular insights and updates.

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high angle view of professional young multiethnic businesspeople working in open space office
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