Menrva Search and Versent Collaboration

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  • Versent is an Australian-born technology company, focussed on architecting, building and operating cloud native applications, platforms and services. Their solutions are centred around AWS and best of breed technology.
  • After partnering on several successful projects in Australia, AWS encouraged Versent to expand into Asia. Simultaneously, they received requests from enterprise customers in Singapore to enter the region. Within 12 months, demand was increasing for additional resources.
  • Menrva Search were consulted to identify the roles and source the talent required to reach their growth goals.


  • Menrva Group, already known to AWS in Asia, were introduced to Versent via a mutual contact to support on critical hires that would ensure continued growth in Singapore and Asia.
  • It was established Versent required more than standard recruitment services and recognised the need for a fully functioning back office to provide the foundations for sustained and rapid growth.
  • The skills and experience Versent were looking to hire were in extremely high demand in Singapore and they required a partner with specialist knowledge of the local market.
  • Menrva designed a bespoke service contract to cover all the areas where Versent needed support. This was a “sole supplier” agreement thus ensuring full commitment from both parties.
  • Through collaboration and leveraging our vast network, Menrva were able to guide Versent and work with them on developing their strategic roadmap.
  • We became their appointed agent in-country for Singapore Employment Passes and introduced them to contacts in the insurance space to help secure a corporate health cover policy. Menrva also guided them on MOM requirements for advertising roles on the portal.


  • When our partnership began, Versent had 8 people in Asia. Jordan Windebank, GM Asia became the ninth and was sourced by Menrva Search. They now have 35 in Singapore alone.
  • Menrva helped identify people with appropriate skills in Asia and in so doing have placed their Head of Sales; Customer Director; Principal Agile Lead; Principal Solution Architect and assisted repatriating key Singapore talent from Canada during COVID-19 international travel restrictions.
  • After we became their appointed agent in-country for EPs the application process decreased from 8-12 weeks to 8-12 days.
  • We will continue to partner with Versent and collaborate with them on a variety of topics to ensure they can use our expertise and we can help them to grow. This may involve enhancements to the MSA to ensure we continue to evolve the partnership in a positive manner.

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